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29 April 2012 @ 22:13
"Plane Spotting in Perth" - K+ - "Cabin Pressure"  
Fandom: ---Cabin Pressure---
Characters: Martin Crieff and Arthur Shappey
Rating: K+
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Word Count: 964
Author's Note: "Cabin Pressure" belongs to John Finnemore and not to me, at all... I am merely borrowing characters for entertainment and am not making a single profit off of these.  Thank you to the plane magazine and plane spotter guide I have for the research!
Summary: Martin tries to shake off a bad dream he has whilst plane-spotting.

Rubbing his hands along the length of his arms to stop them from trembling, Martin was sure that he was the only person in all of Perth to find the heat of the day cold. It was only just nearing noon and the temperatures were pushing past twenty-six degrees. Maybe at some point, Martin thought miserably, he’d be able to feel warm again, but for the moment, nothing was cheering him up and the continual pushing of people did not help settle his nerves at all.

Then came the rumble of a pair of twin engines, causing Martin to shift his attention to the far side of the runway where a colourful red and white AirAsia X Airbus A330 was hurtling along the runway for takeoff. As the visitors pressed against the fence, eager to watch this magnificent metal bird take to the air, Martin remained stoical and put his head on his arms. The full power of the jet engines rattled his bones and sent his heart fluttering in joy, but not once did Martin outwardly express his happiness.

Instead, he buried his head in his arms and sighed deeply. Here he was at the Perth Airport in the new outdoor viewing platform just created on the 108th anniversary of the Wright Brother’s monumental flight, watching all of these amazing airliners take off and not a single one of them could shake that horrid dream Martin had. It was just too real.

“Hey Skip!” cried a cheerful voice that Martin didn’t even bother to reply to. Arthur, never deterred by his captain’s grumpiness, presented him with a thermos of coffee and said, “Nice hot cup of coffee! I took the liberty of actually buying you this one! I saw the way you were longing for that one drink, so I figured, why not… and here it is!”

Now Martin took notice of Arthur, feeling chagrined at not having paid Arthur any mind when he first arrived. He smiled lightly as he took the thermos and drank from it. He nearly swooned at the taste and offered the tiniest of contented groans as he took another sip, all of which delighted Arthur and drew out that incurable smile of his.

“Like it?” asked Arthur hopefully.

“Like it?” Martin shook his head and took another quick drink before saying, “To like it would be a gross injustice! I don’t think even the gods and their elixir could half compare to this! This is absolutely wonderful!”

“Brilliant!” cried Arthur. “I figured you might need something to cheer yourself up with. I mean, you’ve been a bit palish since you woke up.”

Martin frowned and turned his attention back to the runway. “I, it’s… well no, it’s not all right. I had a bad dream.”

“Oh? Did it involve flying?”

“No, driving.”

“Well, that’s a bit of relief then, isn’t it?” asked Arthur. “After all, we’re flying today, not driving. And we’re not even heading home, so you don’t have to worry about that ruddy little dream because well, you’re not driving!”

“I suppose you’re right,” replied Martin. He smirked and playfully nudged Arthur. “So did you find your Toblerones yet?”

“Oh yes! The white ones too!” Arthur pointed down the runway and asked, “Say Skip, what’s that aircraft over there with the blue and white tail?”

“That looks like a Boeing 757-200, I believe. It’s a bit off so I can’t quite tell, but yes, it does appear to at least be a Boeing model.”

“That’s brilliant, Skip!” replied Arthur. He gestured at a yellow and green plane and asked, “And that one?”

“That looks to be an Airbus A340.”

“Are you sure? It kind of looks like one of those A330’s.”

“No, I’m sure it is not an A330.”

“How can you tell?”

Martin pointed at the engines and said, “This one has four engines.”


“An A330, like the one that just took off, it only has two. So they look alike, but you can immediately tell that it’s not an A330 just because it has four engines.”

“Oh, I’ll try and remember that one!” Arthur looked about the airport and then asked, “You see that bluish white one over there? What is that one?”

“Ah the one with twin engines at the tail… one that you never want to ride in at the very back. It’s so noisy back there it’s difficult to read even when you’ve got headphones on!”

“I like the tail! Kind of looks like a ‘T’ there! So you’ve flown on one before?”

“Gentle flight, but very noisy,” replied Martin with a little smile. “Though, I think the children in front of me made it even noisier because they wouldn’t sit down and kept arguing about well, everything. They even got into a physical fight over the amount of French fries in their Happy Meals.”

“Ah, came from America then?”

Martin just chuckled and put his head back on his arms. “Yes, worst flight from Denver to Chicago I’ve ever been on. Then again, it was the only Denver-Chicago flight I’ve been on. Oh, that’s a Boeing 717.”

“Hey Skip, what are those funny looking things right above your windows?” asked Arthur, nodding at the 717. “They look sort of like eyebrows, like it’s angry or something.”

“Ah, those are the ’eyebrow windows’. They help for added visibility, though it does make the plane look a bit peculiar, doesn’t it?”

“Too right!” Arthur looked at Martin and smiled, “Hey Skip, you’re not so pale anymore! Does that mean you’re feeling better?”

Martin lifted his head and immediately wiped sweat from his brow. He smiled when he noticed that he was actually beginning to feel hot. Putting his arm around Arthur’s shoulders, Martin replied, “Yes, I am. Thank you, Arthur.”

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